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GUI Elements: Bars and Notifications.

Today I made a notification manager and some notifiers. This allows the game to intelligently queue notifications like notifying the user that she has a new ability or that an event is about to occur. There are now notifications at … Continue reading


HUD GUI: Health/Energy orbs.

I created the 2D overlay, the 3D holder tentacles, and I diverged somewhat from the draft designs seen in my previous post. The orb contents swirls and is composed of multiple layers — I’ve made numerous optimizations to make this … Continue reading

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HUD GUI: Health & Energy Indicators

I actually have several possible indicators drawn out including bars, circular/spherical orbs and diegetic displays. The diegetic display would be a glowing bar drawn on the character in the game world, visible only if a 3rd person camera is always … Continue reading


Menu system started.

I’ve done a menu in XNA before, so working from that code and the gamestate management sample as examples of how to proceed, I built the following menu. Getting all of the animations and transitions right was a surprisingly long … Continue reading