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A 64GB SSD Is Not Large Enough For Indie Game Developer’s Toolset

  I bought a Kingston 64GB SSD last week and the enormous performance improvement compared to my spinning HDD has been nothing short of breathtaking. When I purchased it I thought that 64GB would be plenty of room for just … Continue reading


Occurences of one string in another.

The string “ABC” occurs in “ABBC” twice, if you remove any characters you wish from “ABBC”. The following algorithm finds such occurences in O(n) time given any two strings. One assumption worth noting for the O(n) time bound is that … Continue reading

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Extract Longest Non-Decreasing Sequence From Any Sequence

I wrote some python code that extracts the longest non-decreasing subsequence from any given sequence. This runs in O(n log n) time, and uses O(n) memory. ”’ An item in the final sequence, used to form a linked list. ”’ … Continue reading

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