Kris Olhovsky

I’m a University of Toronto Computer Science student, studying for my Software Engineering specialist. I also have a minor in economics.

I’ve always liked to design and build things, and my tool of choice for this is software. I’m also interested in creating 2D/3D artwork — image manipulation and 3D modelling.

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  1. Naeb says:


    I just recently visited your website, and I must say excellent blog on programming and not to mention your games.
    I’m interested to know when did you first program? First 3d game? How long does it take to understand? What books/guides/forums are best to ask for guidance? Does your school stuff actually help in game design skills (your personal thoughts not a general answer) or was doing your own projects is what got you as far as you are. Whew! thats a lot of questions, but really that’s because I am quite impressed and inspired by your hard work and dedication.

    Hope you reply,

  2. Eclectus says:

    Hi Chris, I’d like to get in contact with you. I’m a fellow programmer within the games industry and I think we have have lots in common. Send me a mail?

  3. Michael says:

    Hi Chris,

    I am building a deferred rendering engine and using RGBA64 for HDR lighting. I saw you once mentioned that XBOX substitutes RGBA64 rendertarget with something different even if you specify this format, could you please tell me what exactly happens there?


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