VS2010 corruption woes and a new GPU.

I bought a new GPU today, and after installing it and restarting, visual studio decided to stop working, producing random errors (e.g. “Unable to start program. Cannot find file specified.” when trying to run the project). After wasting an hour trying to fix it, I resorted to using the VS Repair tool which did actually fix things. I decided to reduce the overclock on this machine just in case the corruption was related to that — though I doubt it, it’s better to be safe with only 41 days left ’til the competition deadline.

Yesterday the game ran on this PC at a meager 20-35 FPS. Today it runs at well over 300 FPS thanks to the new GPU.

302 FPS on the new GPU.

Oh how much easier this development would be if I could just run the game on this PC…

Anyways, now that I have a new GPU; gameplay vids incoming!

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  1. “VS2010 corruption woes and a new GPU. | Olhovsky” was in fact a pretty pleasant blog post, .
    I hope you keep composing and I’ll try to continue browsing! Regards -Everett

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