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Deferred lighting.

My forward rendered lighting setup almost suited my purposes, but it turned out that the limitations of the XBOX CPU limited me to far too few terrain chunks, and therefore far too few lights. To this end, I’ve been exploring … Continue reading


“Game3″ post-mortem. (Or how I learned to stop worrying and love development outside of the DBP competition.)

This game was called “Game3″ just because this is the 3rd XNA project I’ve opened on this computer, and that was the default name. I’ve put in somewhere between 500-900 hours into this project (schoolwork being mixed in there makes … Continue reading


My own physics or BEPU?

Norbo (the creator of the BEPU physics engine) dropped by the day before last to let me know that I should expect much higher performance than what I was seeing in my BEPU tests. He suggested that I should be … Continue reading

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Physics engine integrated, and sphere-terrain collision done.

Terrain collision was a little harder than I thought it would be. This is owing to the fact that the terrain is a concave body, and many contacts are possible with a single sphere and the terrain. Contrast this with … Continue reading


Summer classes start today.

Well, I have class again, which means I have to reduce the work on this project slightly. Hopefully there won’t be any serious tests until a week or two after the competition deadline.

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The physics engine (made from scratch!).

In the last few days I wrote a physics engine from scratch using a technique that no other 3D XNA physics engine (that I know of) uses yet: Speculative contact continuous collision detection. I’ve been looking for a good physics … Continue reading


Terrain changes (and the first video capture).

If you’re like me then you’re tired of seeing the terrain, and you want to see the gameplay. Sure, I want to work on nothing but the gameplay at this point. However, the gameplay takes place at night — and … Continue reading


VS2010 corruption woes and a new GPU.

I bought a new GPU today, and after installing it and restarting, visual studio decided to stop working, producing random errors (e.g. “Unable to start program. Cannot find file specified.” when trying to run the project). After wasting an hour … Continue reading

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Status update: Point light stress testing.

Yesterday I added over 1000 (one thousand) moving point lights to the terrain. On the PC this was fine. The scene partitioning used by my forward rendering setup uses a lot of CPU time though, so on the XBOX this … Continue reading