Experimenting with a darker lighting setup.

I bought a new monitor yesterday, and although I have three LCD screens that I’ve been using for testing, none of them had very good contrast or color.

I calibrated this new LED/LCD monitor and started doing some testing in different light scenarios. Below are screens for one lighting setup. These screens are rendered on the XBOX at 60 FPS.

On the new screen, I see that the orbs are a little too bright. I might leave them too bright anyway though, as I suspect that many LCD TV screens display them just the way my old screens do.

The red and blue orbs on the left and right look really awkward to me. I made them oversized on purpose, to use up some screen space so that I might be able to spend that saved space on better lighting/shadowing effects, but they are just SO overbearing. (Click the image to enlarge.) At some point I’ll have to make them smaller.

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4 Responses to Experimenting with a darker lighting setup.

  1. Dmitry K says:

    This is coming along pretty neatly. Looking forward to the result.

  2. olhovsky says:

    Thanks, me too :)

  3. Snowman says:

    The spheres are great, but where r the cubes? Seems to be coming along great Kris, I’ll pop by for a demo soon!

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