Monthly Archives: April 2011

Last post before my next exam (in 4 days).

I have my last exam on the 28th, so I won’t post again until after that is done. In the meantime, have a look at the current state of the game below. PS3 shaders can use a maximum of 512 … Continue reading


Texturing steep terrain slopes.

In a GPU Gems 3 article (skip to section 1.5) they solve the issue of texturing terrain at various slopes by using triplanar texturing. The following image illustrates the problem. I’ve done something similar to solve the problem of stretching on very … Continue reading


Slope based terrain texturing.

Today I worked on getting the terrain texturing to match the new procedurally created level from yesterday. In the image above, a dead grass texture is applied to flat portions of terrain, a green texture on the edges at intermediate … Continue reading


Procedural level creation.

I spent today creating a method for procedurally building the terrain in a game level. The framework for procedural placement of various objects (e.g. trees) is started, but I won’t have time to finish implementing that today. As usual I … Continue reading


First enemy: Doll.

I haven’t posted in a while since I’ve been working on physics code. Progress on things that I can actually post screenshots of has been slow. Before next month I’m going to buy a video card that is fast enough … Continue reading


Optimizing terrain culling.

The code that culls terrain chunks was using a 3D bounding box vs camera frustum test for each terrain chunk, which was incredibly slow. On the XBOX 360 this was taking about 4ms for ~200 intersection tests. At 60FPS you … Continue reading


Trees and tree collision.

I made this tree last night, and started working on extending the collision testing system (which currently only tests for collisions against the terrain). I do UV mapping in 3D Coat. You might notice that I didn’t map one of … Continue reading


Experimenting with a darker lighting setup.

I bought a new monitor yesterday, and although I have three LCD screens that I’ve been using for testing, none of them had very good contrast or color. I calibrated this new LED/LCD monitor and started doing some testing in … Continue reading