HUD GUI: Health/Energy orbs.

I created the 2D overlay, the 3D holder tentacles, and I diverged somewhat from the draft designs seen in my previous post.

This turned out to be too boring, so I added a bump map texture and intensified the lighting.

The orb contents swirls and is composed of multiple layers — I’ve made numerous optimizations to make this viable, but it still might turn out to be a little too expensive in the end.

The orb class is highly decoupled and modular, so creating more orbs later (if necessary) will be easy.

This is what the orb looks like in-game. The amount of liquid in the orb decreases when you take damage.

The water line is animated and is created by a shader that uses a combination of trigonometric functions to produce a wavy surface. That small effect took much longer than anticipated to get right. In the future I’ll favor omitting small polish like that until I’m closer to the competition deadline.

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